Kindergarten for "GrownUps"

thanks so much to everyone who came out!
not only did we have a complete blast,
we raised $200 for The Daily Bread Food Bank.

class began with Miss Cyn telling the children the lesson plan
and Miss Heather the Librarian spanking a volunteer with the stick
(you know, for charity...)

Craft (and birthday) Princess Tonya is a whiz with glue

boys like LEGO

Melissa and Zang colour up a storm
(and took some of these photos - thanks!)

dollies, beer, &crafts

lovely handmade holiday cards

beer & playdoh & glitter - oh my!

nice colouring!

party people

Miss Jill reads the children a story about a stupid stupid monkey

cover your ears children, there are naughty words!

Ernie, Bert, and Nadia the dutch prostitute tell a story

Miss Aleta tells a tale about werewolves

Mr. James tells the Wolf's side of the story regarding
the three lying little pigs

boys stare at cartoons

Zang is in love with a colouring book

Melissa made a pretty card

oh no - Melissa coloured a nudie girl!

JJ and tinky winky like Lego sculptures

more colouring & crafts!

thanks so much everyone!

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