the third annual

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
The Renaissance Cafe, 1938 Danforth Ave.
(block & half west of Woodbine)
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shorter version:

Susan Bustos is a graduate student in biochemistry at U of T researching mutant red blood cell proteins. She runs, a zine about career anxiety, crafty experiments and things of concern to women in science. When not experimenting in the lab or hand knitting protein models, she's playing bass in the indie/glam/pop band Tomboyfriend.

Brent Morris is the host of the Closet Geek Show podcast at He spends his evenings sculpting with blocks of solid bologna meat in an effort to communicate with the demon monkeys in the sky.

Jamie "Zang" Nazaroff is a graphic designer, web designer, font designer, and tinfoil designer. He won the Best Engineering award at the 2006 Tinfoil Hat Contest (and came in second place in 2005). &

Tomboyfriend is a test-tube family organized on the premise that the constellation of all five of its members occurring in one room would blow your mind. Wearing of tinfoil hats for the duration of the show is mandatory for safety reasons. Songs may touch upon androgyny, promiscuity, the economic opinion of Jeffrey Sachs, bisexuality, ultra-violence, high fashion, the plight of heterosexuality, cheerleaders, the wealth divide and what to do about romantic love. Be our blood buddies?

Cynthia Gould is the creator of Bridesmaidmania and Kindergarten for Adults. She is an artist and spoken word performer, and can't quite believe that so many people eagerly await her crazy party plans. &

rules & details posted below
BYOTF (bring your own tinfoil)

click for the highlights from 2006's contest

click for ALL of the shiny photos from 2005's contest
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Please Note: Due to allergies & asthma, no perfume, cologne, or
scented chemicals are permitted at funkless events. Thanks!



- anyone wearing perfume, cologne, or chemical fragrances must leave immediately. i can't run a contest if i can't breathe, or have a splitting headache. yeah, it's a pain, but please imagine how much of a pain it is for us poor folks with these horrible allergies! (15% of the Canadian population suffers from asthma and/or allergies - so says the Lung Association)
- hats must be made at the party. no pre-made hats!
- what makes a sculpture a "hat"? if it balances on your head during the judging, preferrably unassisted.
- yes, you may use materials in additional to the tinfoil (staples, pipecleaners, feathers, etc) but NO glue, NO sparkles, or anything else gross or messy. we all have to clean up quickly after the contest.
- you will be instructed when the contest begins, and given plenty of warnings before the finish deadline. when someone yells that the contest is over, you must stop construction.
- are teams allowed? um... sure, why not. but 2 or 3 people, not 84 NASA technicians working on one hat. and only ONE person may model the hat during judging.
- you must model your own hat for the judging, no fair bringing a hot sexy friend to do that for you. you must bring the hot sexy friend anyway though, because meeting new people is nice for everyone. also, please bring coaches, groupies, and other emotional support. you will require your full entourage. competition is tough you know!
- if you enter the contest, you give us the right to take flattering photos of you & your creation and post them online

- if you want to score a good table, get there early & have dinner
- there will be THREE prizes, one for Best Engineering, one for Best Artistry, and a new Award of Mystery.
- there will be two rounds - first round everyone models their hat, judges will pick approximately 5 finalists. during the second round of modelling, judges may ask finalists questions regarding their work.
- judges decisions are final. they may base their decisions on... well, whatever they darn well please. they are the judges! contestants are encouraged to buy them drinks or snacks. bribing judges is fun.
- after the contest, everyone shall partake of the Very Good Beer and other lovely treats at the Renaissance Cafe, and enjoy the fantastic entertainment.

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Please Note: Due to allergies & asthma, no perfume, cologne, or
scented chemicals are permitted at funkless events. Thanks!

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